Friday, April 25, 2014

Easter eats

After Mass we headed up to Auntie Meghan and Uncle Shane's, as is tradition.  We were happy they could host this year--it was uncertain their for a while since their house is scheduled to be under construction soon!  We had a YUMMY brunch of eggs, sausage, hash browns, fruit, champagne, and cinnamon-roll cakes.

After brunch we went home for a few hours (naps) and then went up to grammae and papa's for the annual Easter dinner.  It was extra-special because we had extra guests (I guess that's normal, though) and because it might be the last time they host an Easter dinner, or at least one like this.  Next year they should be in their new house, and it will have a reduced kitchen...and you really need a DOUBLE kitchen to put on a spread like this!  But we were happy to enjoy it this year, and maybe there will be new traditions next year.

my contribution
dessert time
dinner AND a show!  (Bunny and James played guitar for us...
next time we will let Fr. Juan and Br. Alex have a turn!)

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