Thursday, April 3, 2014

Some random happenings

Marcus and James (with siblings' help) set forth to match as
many lego heads with lego body parts as possible.
Papa brought his tractor to help with an outdoor project:
a shed for the bikes and lawnmower.
Marcus is hard at work, supervising.
From the other angle, to see where the shed will go in
relation to the house.
I'm pretty excited about this bike shed, because it will get the bikes out of the garage and the barn!  Also, it will get the mower out of the barn, which will free up space for us to do a MAJOR de-junking and a minor barn remodel.  And as an added bonus, the shed will block the propane tank from view.  (triple-win!)  We'll be ordering the shed from Lowe's before too long (the next time I can make it into town without kids...ok it may be a while...)
Who got ahold of my camera??


1 comment:

  1. WOW!! I`m surprised Sedi figured out how to work the camera!!

    I wish we had a "Bike Shed" Like you guys are going to have!! The bikes and stuff (or junk) that we store in the garage is the reason why mom can`t park her car in their like most people can!! :)