Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Astoria--Saturday, part 2

After our trip to Fort Stevens and our nice lunch, we arrived "home" and decided to take a trip on the trolley.  This was a big treat!  In the past years, the trolley wasn't running since it was winter.  We were surprised and happy to see that it just started running for the year on the weekend we were there!!!  The trolley runs along the riverfront (Columbia River) and was only $1 per rider.  Our stop was just feet from the hotel, right under the bridge.  Sedric especially was SO EXCITED about the trolley, since he loves Thomas trains.  We waited a long time, about 40 minutes, for the trolley to arrive at our station, and when it finally did, Sedric was insistent that he actually sit on the bench to wait for it.  :o)  
the trolley finally arrived
all aboard!
After all that excitement waiting for the trolley, Sedric
promptly fell asleep within a minute or two.
We saw the pilot boat (bar pilots are needed to steer all the
large ships through the dangerous and tricky passage).
The kids all got to ring the bell.
Isn't the trolley beautiful?  It is over 100 years old.  The seats
were really neat: when we got to the end of the line, all the
passengers had to stand up and lift the seat backs to the other
side...so we never had to ride backwards.  So cool.
James succumbed to the lull of sleep as well.
Once we got off, we checked the coins we left on the tracks.
(that is our hotel--our room is the top corner room)

 Once we were all settled in the hotel room, Marcus left to pick up dinner.  After all that activity, it was nice to "order in" and not deal with another restaurant.  On the menu: pizza and root beer floats:

 After dinner we took another dip in the pool and then watched old "Garfield" cartoons from some DVDs that we brought. :o)
A beautiful end to a great day.


  1. I love all the pictures of your Astoria trip. What great experiences for all of you! And yes, Grandpa Hubicz served in the Navy on an aircraft carrier and he was a signalman. And Grandpa Christensen served in the Army and he did build Jeeps in Toledo.

  2. aww what a great day! I love the fact that Sedric fell asleep on the trolley right away hahaha!

  3. Nice shades, Mr. Curl!!! :D

    Looks like a lot of fun. We go up to Astoria now and then but not every year. I think the last time we made it up there was about 3-4, maybe so, years ago. I would love to go back again!!! :)

  4. And how sedric fell asleep! :)
    What a great trip!