Tuesday, April 15, 2014

OMSI and Pacific Pie Co.

On a nice Sunday a few weeks ago, Marcus and I took a trip to OMSI with the 3 oldest kids (grammae and papa graciously watched Gemma and Sedric).  I've lived here almost 16 years and I've never been to OMSI aside from watching an IMax film once.  Bunny has been there once, and James twice.  It's about time we went as a (partial) family!

OMSI stands for the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry.
This "vacuum and air" display was fun.
Volunteers manned stations with science experiments.
The water play...er, physics...section was nice
(Mariposa especially liked this one).
Erosion table in the pc environmental change
room (Marcus loved that one)

 Ok, I know I will sound like a TOTAL snob when I say that I was not that impressed.  I mean, I was impressed with the size, volume, and quality of the exhibits, but it seemed more like a playground than a science learning environment.  It looked to me that most of the patrons did treat it as "just" a fun place to be (no learning required).  Mariposa did do some great work at the sailboat table (she guessed at where to put the sail, adjusted the boat's design, etc.) but the real fun was playing in sand at the erosion table and playing on the "jumprope" machine.  I guess I prefer a more in-depth experience on a single subject...maybe a trip to OMSI's planetarium is in order.  

But don't get me wrong, we did have a lot of fun!!!!  And it was nice doing big-kid stuff without chasing after Gemma and Sedric.  I'll have to take them to the Children's Museum on a different day.

Marcus was in charge of the restaurant selection for lunch, and he did a great job.  Who knew we had a PIE restaurant????  I was thrilled!!!

A nod to upper Michigan--Bun and I got pasties.
wrapped sausages...kinda like a pie...?
dessert: Marcus chose a hazelnut chocolate
bourbon pie...it was fab!!!
Other choices: chocolate/peanut butter, apple streusel, and
key lime pies
I would definitely go to Pacific Pie Co. again!!  The (vegetarian) pasties were good but next time I will go for a meat pot-pie like Marcus chose.  And more sweet pies as well!


  1. That looks like a lot of fun!! I`ve only been to OMSI a couple of times. But I DEFINITELY would go there with my family next time. The times I went with either friends or a field trip... I know that they also have special exhibits sometimes. Looks like a good day to go!!

    Mariposa - You are a really smart girl if you are already getting a little head start on erosion and water erosion and stuff like that because I`M in 8th grade and we`ve been workin' on stuff like that for at least 4-5 weeks now in science!! :)

  2. Becky,
    You sure do fun stuff - and my list of restaurants to visit is growing because of your blog!

    1. :o) We try! And I just can't pass up the opportunity to eat at a new-to-us Portland restaurant.... What can I say, I love food! This is the perfect city for it, that's for sure.... :o) Becky

  3. Put Pacific Pie on the list of places for us to go to when we come there! The list is getting long!