Thursday, April 24, 2014


On Sunday in Astoria we went down to breakfast in shifts again, and then hustled to 9am Mass.  It was Palm Sunday so there was a special procession from the parish hall to the church--I took Mariposa and Gemma for that while Marcus and the other kids stayed in the church. Once inside the church, I didn't stay in the pew long as it was obvious that Sedric was in a very playful mood...and Gemma too for that matter.  We stayed in the cry room for most of the Mass.

 Next we drove up to the Astoria Column.  We did this last year, but the weather was so much better this year!!!!

Gemma wasn't so sure about being that
high up....
Mariposa didn't like it either!

Marcus: "I climbed that mountain!"
Seddy: "I know!  You told us like a million times already!"
 Next we drove around until we saw the steepest street we could find (we heard about it on our trolley ride).  If you look closely to the right of the picture, you can see that the sidewalk has stair-steps!!
 We packed up our stuff back at the hotel and hit the road around lunchtime.  Our plan was to eat at Subway in Seaside, but everyone except Bunny was sleeping so we just picked up our sandwiches to eat on the way home.  We stopped at Camp 18 (it was super-busy!) and just ate in a little covered shelter.  It was a nice, peaceful ending to a great weekend.  :o)

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