Friday, April 25, 2014

Easter preparations

Marcus made 7 lamb cakes for church, and
then one for Easter dinner.
Yes, that's a total of 8 lambs.  To make it easier, Marcus used boxed pound cake mix for the church lambs (they were edible props for the children's Mass homily) and it turned out "fine" which means good enough for a high-quantity operation.  Grammae, Meghan, and Nicole decorated them and delivered them into town.  Then Marcus made one for Easter using his traditional pound cake recipe from Joy of Cooking.  It is so dense you can cut a paper-thin slice!!  We frosted it with homemade cream cheese frosting.  So good.  If forgot to take a picture, but I think I still have a small piece of lamb head in the fridge if you want to see that....  ;o)
Who likes egg-shaped pumpkin whoopie pies?
This was the first time I had to buy eggs in a LONG time....
(We only have one white-egg layer, and we didn't want to save
up her eggs for a month.)

One of Seddy's many nicknames.

Waiting is so hard!!!

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