Monday, April 21, 2014


Two weekends ago we took our annual trip to Astoria.  The tradition started 3 years ago with a winning bid on a "Family Fun" package at the school auction, and the package included a stay at the Holiday Inn Express Astoria (random) and some passes to the Maritime Museum as well.  We had a blast that first year! and wanted to keep coming back every spring.  This year we had to push the trip out to April because of other commitments, but it was just as fun and maybe even better because of the better weather.  Marcus came back from a 3-day trip on Thursday to find all the bags packed and ready to go the next day, thanks to the kids' enthusiasm in trip prep.  We loaded up the Pilot and squeezed ourselves in right after lunch, and off we went....
"What do I see in the distance???"
"It's Astoria's famous bridge!!!  Yay!!!"
A closer view from our favorite hotel room.
We have dinner at Dooger's in Warrenton for Friday night.
This year they were smart and gave us our own room.
I order razor clams any chance I get!!
The kids LOVED all the food and we were simply stuffed.
good eaters; we didn't have many leftovers :o)


  1. Just curious, why didn't you take big van? Also are you gonna post more photos? Can't wait to see them!

    1. nope, sorry, didn't take any more photos the whole weekend.... :o) ha ha ha!

      We took the Pilot because we thought it would be easier to maneuver around. We were right...but we sure missed the space in the van (especially when the kids would poke each other and then complain loudly). ;o) --Becky