Thursday, April 3, 2014


The other weekend we made Grandma H's stuffed cabbage, or "galumkes" as we know them.

In grandma's handwriting (heart)
...and in her meandering recipe style.
 Marcus had requested I make these.  We hadn't had them for YEARS, at least 5 years because I don't think we ever made them in our new house.  The last time I had galumpkes was at Tony Packo's in Toledo.

filling the boiled cabbage leaves with meat and rice
a lot of galumkes fit in our soup pot
covered with tomato juice, onion, garlic, cider vinegar, and oil
the finished product
(sorry the pic is on it's side)
(and yes, those are Christmas dishes.  We've been
a little busy around here.  They work just fine.)
a really good eater (ate half of my plate too)
I hadn't made them in so long because I figured the middle kids would hate them.  Well I was right.  But who cares???  The were SOOOOOOOO  good!!!  The older kids liked it just fine, the middles ate the filling and complained, and Seddy (as you can see) LOVED it.  Marcus and I couldn't get enough.  Really.  Seddy ate all of our food.  Next time we will make a double batch!!

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