Thursday, November 13, 2014

…and even more visitors!

On Thursday, Auntie Coley and Uncle Brian also came to meet Celeste:

 At this point I was still exclusively in the bedroom: I don't think I even left the room until maybe Friday.  Even then I only ventured around upstairs (straightening up kids' closets mostly).  It was so nice to stay in my "birthing suite" for that long!

Emmett was a natural.
Eliot as well!
With all these pictures, you might think that we had a revolving door at our house!  But no, we mostly just had one set of visitors a day, which turned out to be a really good plan (although it wasn't a "plan" at all, it just happened that way).  We were able to get a lot of rest while still having family meet Celeste while she was still a teeny newborn.

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