Monday, November 3, 2014

At the Halloweenie Roast

I knew early on that I would not be attending the annual Halloweenie Roast this year, since I would either have a newborn or I would be hugely overdue.  Turns out I was the latter.  Grandpa stayed home to babysit me while Marcus and the kids went to the party with grandma there to help as well.  I was so happy that at least MARCUS could go even if I could not!  The kids (and adults!) had a great time as always, and Marcus took lots of pictures to share with me and now with all of you:

Thanks to Auntie Coley, Uncle Brian, Eliot, and Emmett for opening up their home every year to host this great event!!  


  1. Replies
    1. Brian and Nicole's neighborhood in Beaverton--it's perfect! Nice people, lots of candy.

  2. You need to start walking or something to get that labor going! Maybe spicy food?

    1. I walked around the mall a little today, and I'll be running the stairs tonight (worked for Mariposa!). Ten days overdue is enough!!!!

  3. November 4th would be a good day for a birthday! It's grandpa's angelversary so baby would always have someone special watching over him/her.