Monday, November 3, 2014

Halloween Outtakes

getting ready to go to Auntie Coley's house
a little dentistry on Olaf's teeth

The result--a very handsome Frozen cast!!!
How we did it:

MARCUS (Prince Hans): Coat from Goodwill, embellished with fake leather and gold braids.  Pants from his Han Solo costume a few years back.  The sideburns were all his.  :o)
BUNNY (Elsa): Dress from Goodwill (score!!!) with added gauzy cape.  Snowflake earrings made by cousin Katie.
JAMES (Kristoff): Tunic from Goodwill, embellished with fake fur.  Bunny made the boot attachments to have the toes turn up.  Under-clothes and hat were James'.
MARIPOSA (Anna): Skirt from Goodwill, actually a strapless bridesmaid's dress that we took in at the waist.  Vest from Goodwill, embellished by grandma.  Cape made from fleece.  Boots are hand-me-downs from Eliot.
GEMMA (Sven):  Coat from Goodwill, pants from the closet, and antlers by grandma and grandpa.
SEDRIC (Olaf):  White sweatshirt from Amazon, embellished with face features and one button.  Fleece bubble around his waist, with fleece buttons.

I had a true Project Runway moment when, at 4:15pm on Halloween afternoon, Marcus said "Um, I can't find my gaiters…."  (leg coverings to make it look like he has boots on).  I had made him gaiters for his Han Solo costume, but they are nowhere to be found.  Never mind the fact that I had been asking him for a few weeks to look for the gaiters (it's hard for me to get into the storage area in the apartment).  So I had to drop everything, grab the little bit of extra faux leather left, and sew up some gaiters.  I could hear Tim Gunn in my ear: "Make it work!"  And thanks to grandma getting the kids' hair and makeup done, I did get the gaiters done in time.  Whew!  

It's amazing it all turned out!!  Only thanks to mom being here….  And many thanks to GOODWILL for having such good options for the base costumes!!  :o)


  1. Haha I love the project runway moment!

  2. ps great thrift store scores, some of the kids outfits didn't even involve sewing, right?