Saturday, November 1, 2014

profile pic, and birthing suite

I've had quite a few readers ask me for an updated profile picture (ok, just one reader--that's you, Stacy!!).  ;o)  
Here's the latest:

So now I am officially 8 days overdue.  But still not anxious since like I mentioned before, the midwives are using the "early" due date.  I have an ultrasound scheduled for Monday, if I make it that far, and an appointment for Monday or Tuesday to begin monitoring.  Interestingly, the medical community doesn't officially count a woman as "post-date" until 2 weeks beyond the due date.  I asked why so many inductions occur much earlier than that, and my midwife said for a variety of reasons but mostly because of the mother's request, the doctor's convenience, or the suspected size of the baby.  But, she said, as midwives they have seen women do great things when giving birth un-induced and she has no doubt I can do it.  They are willing to "walk with me" up to the 2-week overdue mark, and even for another week with lots of monitoring.  So…we'll see!

The (attempt at a) home birth stems from my realizing that my own cozy home has no medical disadvantage than the (beautiful) birth center.  The midwives have all the same equipment and I get all the same birth care.  The difference is setting (Andaluz really is beautiful!!!) and in postpartum care.  When weighing the pros and cons, I realized that if I can get my bedroom to be a nice birth suite, and have Marcus be my postpartum caregiver…then why not try a home birth?  So that's where we are now.

Earlier this summer we moved the bed to the turret area.
I love it!  It feels so peaceful, and frees up an area for a small
"living room."  This picture is taken from the door.
My view from the bed.  All the lamps are on dimmers.  Marcus
installed a small TV on my request, and it's been a fun novelty
to lay in bed or sit on the couch and watch a show.  (The
TV is on an adjustable arm).
From the door, looking slightly left.  You can
see my nursing station and the changing
table, by now mostly stocked.
The potty room is just steps away (actually,
much closer than it is at Andaluz!).
The best thing?  I have all my cozy clothes
right here--no need to pack a bag.


  1. (in)patiently waiting for word on a new little one. Looks like you are all ready. I like your "birthing" bedroom and am in awe that you are doing it at home! Just wondering about the um . . . mess? I'm sure you have to all covered so really no need to elaborate. Praying for everything to go smoothly and of course, God will be with you during such a miraculous event!

    1. Yes, the mess!! I am not a neat and clean birth-er. :oP But after talking with friends and the midwives, I learned that this is what they do…they have done this so many times that they know all the tricks of the trade. They do laundry and clean up EVERYTHING. I have supplies on hand like Chux pads and lots of towels. We have clean sheets ready for the midwives to change the bed after birth. They leave us a few hours after the birth, which gives them time for a few loads of laundry. It's all taken care of! :o)

  2. Looks magnificent, inviting, calming, the perfect atmosphere!!!

  3. I had to Google Chux pads. I am so happy you have kept us up to date on the blog! Makes me feel closer even though we are hundreds or even thousands of miles away. I have to tell you that Austin put the cutest thing on his Facebook. He posted one of the pictures taken of all the "kids" together during the 4th of July and said "Really wish I could see these kids more often. It kinda sucks having family located throughout the country." It warmed my heart to read that! So, so glad we made the trip to Oregon with them when we could!

    1. :o) Does Austin check all of our blogs? At least he can see some pictures. He (and all of you) are welcome out here anytime. Look for low fares and we will take care of all your food/lodging/transportation when you're here! :o)

    2. I will make sure he has the pages for your blogs! And yes, we will have to watch for low fares and maybe a surprise trip! :) He has mentioned some co-op opportunities in the Portland area but haven't heard any more of them.

  4. Do you know if its a boy or girl? Or is it a surprise??


    P.S. Call me (503-545-1701) or email me if you need any help. I will send you an email of all the days that I have no school (there is a lot for Nov.). Just let me know where I can help....