Wednesday, November 19, 2014

more of Celeste's first week (Nov 4-10)

I finally uploaded the photos from my camera (as opposed to the photos from Bunny's camera, which Marcus uploaded and I shared).  Here are some cute ones of Celeste's first week:

First check-up with midwife Tracy (Penelope
is helping as well ;o) )
She looks like a little old man!  (All my babies do…)

Sedric's first attempt at FaceTime, with cousin Greyson
(it didn't go too well: Sedric was fixated on his OWN image
on the screen, hence the silly face).
watching TV in bed with my baby
my view
the new normal: daddy doing work :o(
All the kids are great, but Mariposa is my
biggest helper!
A typical room-service breakfast for the new mama.
(Have I said how awesome my husband is?)
Mariposa and I spent quite a lot of time in bed that first week,
sometimes watching shows (Amazing Race is on now).
Fr. Juan came to visit in between his travels.
Mariposa thinks she found a "sweet spot" behind Celeste's
ear, to make her fall asleep.  I will admit that it did work.


  1. Sedric looks like he is doing really well not being the youngest in the family. Bunny, I know what you are thinking," Great!! Another one!!" But trust me on this, you know you still love them even though you are about ready to kill them (as in your siblings). Or at least that's who I feel.

    P.S. Bunny (and Mrs. Curl), I still think that we should go out sometime soon and just have some fun away from the others for a day

  2. Great pictures, she's a beautiful baby!