Monday, November 10, 2014

Celeste's first moments

Celeste was born at 5:19pm on November 4th.  Here are her first moments out of the womb:

Just born!  Is there anything better?? 

First time nursing (I am one exhausted mama after about 1 hour
of full-on pushing--that's what it took to get this breech baby out!)
 I should note that it was SOOOOO nice to crawl into my own bed after delivering Celeste!  That is what everyone says about a home birth, that you get to be in your own bed.  And it really was heavenly.

Apprentices Megan (doing the exam) and Saige (watching).
They were fabulous, I love them!
Notice, Mary, that we did not remove the white comforter
:o) but there isn't a single spot on it.  The midwife team
was THAT good.
What a pink little piglet!  She was alert and healthy from the start.
Tomorrow I will try to post pictures with her first visitors….

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  1. Oh gosh! So happy you were able to do this labor of love in your home!