Thursday, January 8, 2015

6 years ago today

Six years ago today I delivered my 4th child, little Mary Rose.  We gave her that name because I was due to have her in June, which would've been the time of the Rose Festival in Portland.

She had died in utero at around 15 weeks.  We had the amazing experience of a natural delivery, which meant that Marcus and I got to see, touch, and hold our little girl.  It is something I'll never forget.

For those of you who have lost babies, you know that time really does help.  I'm missing my sweet Mary Rose, but God had more gifts in store for me.  One year later I had Gemma…then later Sedric…and now Celeste.  This doesn't lessen my love for Mary Rose but it sure helped to take the raw pain away.  Now I look back with gratitude for the short time I had with her, and we know she's at perfect peace as our advocate in heaven.

Mary Rose -- 1/8/2009


  1. I miss my Mary Rose and my Sarah and my other angel grandchildren. I shall be with them some day.

  2. I never knew this story. Thank you for sharing, Becky. I am thinking of you today!

  3. Rather new to your blog through seeing it on Jessica's shower of roses blog. Anyway, I had to comment and let you know (although I'm sure you know it) that you are not alone. We lost our fifth child, Liam Matthew, at 18 weeks (measured 15 weeks also) last October (having also given birth to him and having a chance to hold him). Although it's been over a year and I've since had another baby, 4 month old Colin Elijah, not a day goes by that I don't think of my angel in heaven. Thanks for sharing. Prayers for you on this anniversary.

  4. What a touching picture! Hugs to you and Marcus!

  5. I'm so sorry to hear that story. Sending you an extra prayer!