Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Two parties in one day!

One Sunday in December, we hosted TWO parties in one day!

The first party was my annual Christmas luncheon with my Altar Society ladies.  I've been a part of the St. Teresa circle for about 10 years now (maybe more??) and I love it!!  There is so much piety, knowledge, and humor in these ladies.  I've learned a lot over the years, about raising large families and life on a farm and all the history behind the major parish families (some might call it "gossip" but I prefer "history").  This day, inspired by the recent wind storm, they told stories about the 1962 Columbus Day storm.  Amazing!  They had first-hand accounts of trying to find safety for their families in the middle of tornado-type winds, and living without electricity for almost 2 weeks.  SO glad our storm this year was tiny!!

St. Matthew Altar Society, St. Teresa Circle

Our next party was a small gathering of 17 which just means that it was our normal family dinner (minus Uncle Brian, who was sick).  We were supposed to go to Uncle Brian/Auntie Coley's house for Nicole's birthday celebration, but with the host sick in bed we had to make other plans.  Marcus and I had everyone over here to our home and had a great party.  :o)

Marcus told us to "act normal."

Happy Birthday, Auntie Coley!

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  1. I bet the (older) more experienced ladies are glad to have younger gals in their group.