Sunday, January 18, 2015

Haircuts before Christmas

As I was getting my now-regular pedicure at my little Korean shop on Main Street, Marcus took Celeste and the boys a few shops down to visit some honest-to-goodness barbers:

Both my little spa and this barber shop are just what you would find in any Main Street in any Small Town, USA.  :o) 

 After getting to a point in September when I could no longer see my toes, I decided to get a pedicure.  I fell in love with my new Korean friends and now plan on going regularly!  (In fact I just went in yesterday ….)

Sedric reminded me of little Joey.  ;o)
 And these barbers…they seemed to be a hoot!  They were the real deal, for sure.  They were busy on this Friday afternoon before Christmas, so Marcus had time to chat.  I asked him what they thought of Celeste and he said they didn't really notice her.  :o)  Such men!

The barbers did a great job and if I'm ever loosing patience waiting for Marcus to do his haircutting duty at home, I'll take James and Sedric in here instead.


  1. I help David with his and then we both can do Stan's (depending on our schedule). I do wish, however, that David would take Stan and himself in to a barber. I just do not like all the hair that lands on me. Yuck! And Stan's hair has a completely different texture being Asian.

    1. Marcus won't let me get near his hair with scissors!! He drives 30 minutes north to visit the same (awesome) lady that he's seen for over 20 years. :o) I do attempt to cut James' and Sedric's hair sometimes…and I definitely am the one to trim the little girls' long hair. It saves so much money!! :o) Becky