Friday, January 23, 2015

Christmas eats

I have two goals for Christmas day: stay in my pj, and eat a lot!

This is a FEAST day, after all!

Marcus sliced off some of the prime rib roast
for us to eat for breakfast.  :o)
mini Mindy Buns from Decadent Creations (my fav)
--brioche roll with custard filling, dusted with sugar
We ate these all day.
And these.
Santa's leftovers
getting ready to sear the roast
(nice PJs, Marcus)
Visitors arrive!  Grammae and Papa and the R family.
 In past years we've gotten together at grammae and papa's house for a casual Christmas dinner, but with grandma and grandpa in town the last 2 years, we've stayed at home.  It's kinda nice to stay at home!  So this year we invited the party to come to us.  :o)

We had the four major Christmas Food Groups covered: prime rib, broccoli-rice casserole, cake, and alcohol.  Talk about a FEAST!

Meghan also brought a salad which was very
responsible of her.  ;o)
This was the best prime rib we ever had.  Marcus followed the Cooks Illustrated suggestions and seared it then roasted it at a low temp for a long time.  It was perfectly cooked!  And Marcus and I ate the leftovers for a week, yum!

The whole meal was just wonderful, a great mix of flavors.  LOVE LOVE LOVE grammae's broccoli-rice casserole, and the salad matched everything so well.  Add some nice wine and we were all set.
"This bib tastes good!"
Christmas Cake from Decadent Creations.

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