Tuesday, January 6, 2015

All-Purpose Cleaner recipe

I've had multiple requests for my cleaner recipe (Erica asked a few years ago, and Nicole just recently asked after she saw me using it to clean up after Emmett, who vomited after "choking on a nut").  Here it is!!

Heavy-Duty All-Purpose Cleaner
1 Tablespoon white vinegar
1 Tablespoon Borax
1 Tablespoon dish detergent
1 gallon warm water

I mix this by the gallon and fill our squirt bottles with it.  We have probably 8 bottles scattered around the house!  This cleaner is for surfaces AND glass, so I have the kids use it for everything.  I like that it doesn't have harsh chemicals, and it's so cheap that I don't mind having so many bottles around.  Originally this recipe was used to save money (back when we were knee-deep in the Dave Ramsey plan) but even now that we're debt-free and in better financial shape, I still refuse to spend big bucks on cleaners!

Disclaimer: Marcus prefers the scented Method cleaners so yes, you will find those in our house also…but you won't find ME using them!!!  ;o)


  1. I wonder if you could add scent.....essential oils? But you might want oils on ththe things you're cleaning.....or maybe if it's diluted enough it's ok?

    Thanks, I'll make this when I get home! Do you think it's heavy duty enough for poop accidents (either kid or pet or both!)?

    1. Right or wrong, I use this for everything. I don't believe in heavy disinfectants/antibacterials and certainly not bleach spray for everyday use. So for poopie accidents, I wouldn't use anything harsher anyway. But I would make sure the dirtied area was scrubbed clean with some sort of detergent (soap/this spray/etc.) to loosen and remove the soil/poop. :o) Becky PS not sure about scent, I would think you can do it! Stacy W., any thoughts?

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