Sunday, January 18, 2015

What we've been up to...

My, my, my, it is a busy time of year!  Wait--isn't that what I said in December when Christmas was coming?  ;o) 

Ok, it is almost ALWAYS busy around here.  In the last week and a half since I posted, we have been dedicating ourselves to school.  Let me back up:  I loved Celeste's near-perfect timing (my only regret is that she didn't come a little earlier so she would have more time with grandma and grandpa).  With a baby due in early November I was all set to have a full month of va-ca (autocorrect wanted me to type "ca-ca" which is about right also) and then a full month of holiday festivities before re-committing myself to my normal mothering duties.

So here we are: back in the swing of things.  I worked HARD at school the first week of January, only to be disappointed by what we did not finish.  So I worked HARDER at school the next week, and we did great!

But…that meant not much time on line.  I'll see what I can get done today before another full week.

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