Thursday, January 22, 2015

Happy 10th Birthday, James!

No doubt this is a very memorable birthday for James!

He is accompanying his dad on a business trip to Notre Dame, Indiana, for this whole week.  Bunny made this same trip one year ago.  Marcus booked first-class (!) plane tickets to Chicago for Monday, then he and James met up with grammae's sister Patty and her family for dinner.  A quick dip in the hotel pool before driving to South Bend on Tuesday to stay with family friends Bob and Linda.  I hear they already had one Polish feast, with more to come!  A tour of the campus is a MUST, of course, and they did that yesterday.  Best of all is the great daddy-son bonding that has occurred on this very special week.  :o)

Here are some pics that were sent to me this week via Marcus' iPhone:

homework on the plane (History reading)

Aunt Patty and family, with James

Chicago-style pizza, yum!!

Mommy's old dorm :o)
"First Down Moses"
daily Mass at the Basilica
warming up in the art museum

in front of the library (with the
"Touchdown Jesus" mosaic


  1. Happy Birthday James! What an awesome birthday week!

  2. Happy Birthday James! You are almost as old as Evan was when we were in Oregon!

  3. That looks like a beautiful Basilica!!!! It kind of reminds me of the big one in Portland!! You (James) have a wonderful family and very blessed to go on such a trip like that (and i may only be saying this because I have never been past the east of the Oregon border)!!!

    Well.. I hope you had a Happy Birthday!!!!


  4. Wow! What a fantastic birthday gift!