Wednesday, January 21, 2015

More Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve dinner is pure crazy-ness!!!

Mrs. D held Celeste while I tended to the other
kids and took photos.  :o)
Dance Party!!!

James' present to Fr. Juan

Marcus made Sedric open his "boring" gifts before moving
on to the exciting ones….
Trains!!  After this, Sedric was "all done" and wanted to
go home to try out his new trains on his tracks.  :o)
Marcus and I took 2 cars so that I could leave a little earlier with the 3 youngest ones.  They were almost in bed by the time Marcus brought the 3 older ones home.  It worked out well.  :o)

Then, sweet dreams until Christmas morning….


  1. Great memories for the kids! I remember Christmas at Grandma Christensen's. Don't remember any of the gifts just being with family and being able to eat anything I wanted - including alot of cookies!