Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Christmas Eve 2014

With all the holiday baking done and the kitchen cleaned, we were ready for a nice Christmas Eve.  My Christmas angel (Mrs. N!) came on that Wednesday morning like always, and it was great to have her there with the littles while I did various holiday prep.

Sedric is becoming more manageable, so Mrs. N spends
some time holding Celeste for me each day.
 In the afternoon I sent the kids for nap and then got ready for the annual Christmas play:

Fr. Juan came straight from the airport to
concelebrate Mass
 The Christmas play went well!  I didn't take many photos, since I was the "director" of the play.  I sat up front, on the floor in front of the pews, to help signal to the kids if they forgot their lines or missed their entrances/exits.  It was a fun job to do, and I thought it was just perfect for me--after all, I order kids around all day at home, so I had lots of practice in that.  :o)  All the kids did great, so I was able to snap a few shots:

James was Joseph :o)
Bunny was a shepherd and Mariposa and Gemma were sheep.
One of my favorite parts of directing was hangin' out with little Brylee, the smallest angel in the photo above.  She was nervous about leaving her mom and staying with the other angels, but she was very comfortable being around me.  So, I had her sit with me on the floor, and I sent her up on "stage" when it was her turn.  Then she scuttled back to me to wait 'til the end of the play.  I had little Princess stickers for her if she did a good job (thanks for sharing, Gemma!).  It was so cute!
Gemma was up to her usual antics…luckily I didn't notice at
the time since I was concentrating on the speaking parts.
In all, I really enjoyed being a part of the Christmas play in this new role as director.  It was a challenge to piece together entrances and exits (they weren't specified in the script) but once that came together, they whole play went smoothly.  I'm looking forward to helping again next year!

After Mass we went to Grammae and Papa's house, as is tradition:

I've decided that it's impossible to get a
picture where everyone looks good….
spending time with Uncle Rick
sibs :o)

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