Monday, March 31, 2014

The end of Birthday Season

With Fr. Juan's birthday on St. Patrick's day comes (what I consider to be) the end of birthday season.  We have Lukie's birthday next but that is 2 months away, then Sedric's in June and Marcus' in August...then back to September and the start of the Season again with Bunny/grammae/Emmett right in a row (not to mention all of MY family's September birthdays!).  
I don't know why Fr. Juan is making his own dinner on his
birthday, poor guy... ;o)

It was a FANTASTIC meal of steak, green beans, mashed
potatoes, and grammae's famous salad.
A little TV watching after dinner (I think it's Funniest Home Videos?)

Time for dessert, creme brulee and cupcakes, yum!

Grammae made the BEST cupcakes ever!!!!  They were THAT good!

"Where'd my cupcake go?"
gag gift!!!  (This is from a real drugstore in
Indiana--"Butt Drugs"--the owner's last name
was Butt if you can believe that!) (They serve
great sodas and phosphates by the way, we've
been there and can vouch for that....)
I have a feeling that Fr. Juan will not be wearing that shirt too much in public... (and probably not too much in private either!!)...but it is a pretty funny inside joke!!

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