Monday, May 26, 2014

A new bed

Only 5 years in the making...we finally are getting into gear and furnishing our master bedroom the way we want to!  (It's so easy to ignore these types of things.)

Here are some "before" pictures:
view from the bedroom doors
(that lump on the bed is Sedric)
 In the "turret" area we had been limping along with a bookcase and our rocking chair.  I had always meant to make that a sitting area with a couch, lamps, ottoman, etc. but didn't get around to it.  Good thing!  A friend suggested putting the bed in the turret area, but I wasn't really sold on that idea until I also saw the concept in a bedroom design book (thanks, Candice Olson!).  So we decided to go for it.  I pulled all the stuff from the turret area and Marcus got straight to work.

view from the closet door
(boxes are from my current project: sorting
maternity clothes--does anyone really need
four tubs of maternity clothes????)
At this point, I should say something like, "Excuse the mess!" or "The bedroom usually looks better than this!" but let's face it, this is real life, and I have more important things to do than keep my bedroom magazine-perfect.  :o)
view from bedroom doors, facing left
(more of my clothes-sorting project as well)
Bed assembly (with help):

 The finished product:

ta da!
Next in line is sewing some curtains (don't worry, we DO have blinds), looking for "the perfect" duvet cover, adding lamps and bedside tables, and finally filling the sitting area (where the bed used to be) with a couch and other cozy stuff.  We're hoping to wrap all that up in June, and when we do, I'll post an update.

Sedric wasted no time trying out the new bed:


  1. I love it! We have a headboard almost identical! And I have to say that light fixture above...way cool!

  2. I don't feel so bad that it took us a year to paint our kitchen/hall then. Looks beautiful!