Monday, May 12, 2014

A Perfect "10" for Mother's Day

I have found that the key to a perfect Mother's Day is planning (at least when you have a gaggle of young kids and a very busy husband!).  This year I came up with 10 things that would make it a perfect Mother's Day for me:

#1 Go To Mass
#2 Have brunch with family
Every year we host brunch at our house to honor my mother-in-law ("grammae").  Luckily my in-laws help with food and this year I didn't bake dessert or make munchies, which was great because Marcus and I could concentrate on the hot food (eggs/taters/English muffins/bacon).  Meghan made her famous "cinnamon roll" cake and some bagel appetizers, and Nicole brought donut holes as well as crackers and dip.  My father-in-law ("papa") brought great fresh fruit and a bottle of fine champagne.  A great morning to honor grammae!

thanks for the fruit, papa!
#3 Get Presents
My kids and husband are so generous!  :o)  I got homemade jewelry, a hedgehog garden stick, seeds, lip balm, Sour Patch Kids, a poem, and a bird feeder.  
 #4 Read
This is the book I'm currently working on...
a great nutrition book, if a bit lofty in its goals.
 #5 A Nap
#6 A Chocolate Malt
...which meant a trip to the Cruise-In Country Diner for dinner!!!
 #7 Take a Walk
Rood Bridge Park was perfect for that!  Wooded trails and a great playground.  Sedric didn't even know what to do: he kept running around from play structure to play structure.   He had a blast!

#8 Garden
Right after church I went outside to cut some flowers, so I guess that counts.  I wish I could've actually planted something! but I got time in the garden and that was very nice.
#9 Watch Some TV
Marcus and I try to sit down about once a week, after the kids are in bed, to watch some TV together.  It's really the only time we're both sitting still (and awake) at the same time.  So I wanted to incorporate that into my special day.
#10 Sew Something
Sedric is in desperate need of new bibs.  I meant to make some "boy" bibs when James was born, and I even went as far as to cut the material, but I never sewed them up.  Now, 9 years later, I'm still using (ratty old) girl bibs for Sedric!  So this is the first of hopefully many boy bibs I'll be sewing:

So there you go!  A perfect Mother's Day!  And it really was....

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