Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Summer Break begins....

We just finished up our 32nd week of school, which means we are done for the year!!!

Well, sort of.  We'll be using the rest of the month to study for the standardized tests that Bunny and James have to take in early June (3rd and 5th grade as required by Oregon).  I have a few workbooks that they will go through, to get used to the format.  Content is not my concern (I know they're smart, and if they miss questions because of content then it's just because I haven't taught them that subject yet, no big deal) but I do want them to be familiar with the idea of testing.  You know, filling in bubbles, eliminating the obviously wrong answers, looking for traps, etc.

After testing we will continue on with "summer school" which will mostly be catch-up.  Off the top of my head, I think James has to finish history (mostly reading), Bunny must do most of her subjects (we slacked off this year!), and Mariposa will finish math and a little phonics.  Normally this would stress me out, but I don't mind for some reason this year.  I know it was my "fault" and that I really want to start the new school year on target, so we will work hard to finish the work.  Besides, I don't want them to sit around all summer anyway!

Here is a glimpse of how Mariposa has been enjoying her time off:

And a view of what I've been doing with "all my free time:"

Marcus installed this spice rack (from Amazon)
and I wasted no time filling it with my sprinkles!
We will continue to have Mrs. N come 3 days a week (like normal) which will give me time to do the school work and tackle bigger projects.  Today, for example, I ordered the bike shed, worked in the garden, worked on a landscaping projects plan, and did some correspondence.  Other projects for the summer include general clutter-busting, clearing out the barn, working towards our landscaping projects, and adding to our home furniture (especially the master bedroom and the living room).  Marcus and I also want to go on a LOT of dates this summer (thanks to Hannah being home!!!) and also really enjoy the kids in everything (else) that we do.

Yay, summer! :o)

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  1. Yeah for summer indeed! You have some great plans going on. One of my kiddos will continue working on a and off with Math throughout the summer. Our homeschool group does CAT5 testing, starting on Monday. For the same reasons I have my Ester signed up. Mabel will take hers at home with the ones that Seton provides. Enjoy your summer!