Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Becky&Mariposa in CO--Saturday

Our last day in Colorado!  Carter made crepes for us, yummmmmm!!!

A few of the healthy toppings ;o)

A run after breakfast (I was standing at the end
of their driveway, house to the left).

out and about for more adventures
For our Saturday adventure we went to the Boulder Saturday Market, Longmont version.  :o)  All the same vendors but at the fairgrounds--easy parking, lots of room, very nice!!  I wanted to buy everything but since I was catching some flights in a few hours, I knew I couldn't carry it all on.  :o(  I did pick up some Horsetooth hot sauce for my oldest son, though!  

tuckered out from all the activity
 And finally we got to see downtown Longmont.  We visited some of Erica's favorite places, including the candy shop and the bakery.  :o)  You would think we're sisters!!

And after that excursion, Erica took us to the Denver airport.  Marcus had upgraded our flight to Seattle to the first-class section :o) so we were traveling in style.  Mariposa really liked it:

Our next flight was not so glamourous, but
it was still fun...we had to board outside,
in the rain!!!
We made it home at 7pm and were greeted by some enthusiastic kids and a tired husband.  :o)  Marcus did a GREAT job holding down the fort, and at home I found the house clean and the laundry done!!!  Maybe I should leave home more often....  :o)

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