Friday, May 9, 2014

The Very Hungry Butterfly

Mariposa wanted me to chronicle her trip to Colorado through food....
on the first flight
trying seaweed (she didn't like it)
tuna sandwich--grandma had left a can of tuna from her last
trip, and Erica and Carter are vegetarians so we helped them out
oatmeal for breakfast
Mexican food before the Children's Museum 
chili night!!!
lots of s'mores on this trip (Carter has
a microwaveable s'more maker)
ooh la la!!  tres bon!
saturday market hot dog and mango lemonade
scone at the market
at the cupcake shop in Longmont
first class lunch--chicken sandwich with sriracha mayo


  1. This is hands down your best post ever! I laughed so hard at her cuteness. Love it!

    1. Thanks Mrs. Woods! She IS a funny girl.... :o) Becky

  2. Replies
    1. The best things were the crepes and the scone (I had both)...although I thought it all was yummy (even the seaweed!) :o)