Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Becky&Mariposa in CO--Friday

Friday was another full day!  Honestly, I don't know how Erica has so much energy!!!
Playing with V before her morning nap.
 Erica wanted to take us hiking, and she had just been to a great place: The National Center for Atmospheric Research.  It has nice facilities for, well, "using the facilities" (changing diapers etc.) as well as a mini science museum about weather.  The trails are extensive but we just took a super-short loop to get the idea.
We first picked up sandwiches at Snarf's.

Lunch before our hike.

Lots of cacti!  Not something we see at home much.
We felt like mountain goats.
Erica is pointing to (about) where she lives,
out there in Longmont (we could see Haystack Mountain from here--she lives right next to it).
Inside the science center
 Next was Violet's 6 month doctor's appointment!  We went to the same hospital where she was born--it was VERY nice.  Here's our chubby baby:

 She got shots as well, but I did not take pictures of that.  :o(  Poor baby!  After going home for a bit, we were off again, this time to a performance of the Niwot Community Semi-Marching Free Grange Band.  Ha ha ha!  Niwot is a tiny town nearby, and all the band members are in it just for fun.  They all had different old marching band uniforms, so funny!
Niwot Market is mom and dad's favorite hangout when they
visit Erica, I am told.  :o)

Carter, Violet, and Mariposa watched from the car
(I mostly walked around, took pictures, etc.).
We have a future semi-marching band member here....
Carter picked up pizza on the way home, and after dinner we relaxed and watched a movie.  Perfect day in Colorado!!!


  1. I love love love the picture of you all before you hike, with V peeping out from the backpack!

  2. This looks like a wonderful vacation. And I'm so happy you got to enjoy it with Mariposa. I'm sure it was a special experience for her.

  3. Just curious as to the "E" on Erica's "uniform"?