Thursday, May 22, 2014

An Evening Out (as a single mom)

Last week we had a day that ended with a full evening of errands and obligations that just had to happen despite my single-mom status (Marcus on a trip).  (Normally when Marcus is gone, I try to stay close to home with only a few short, manageable trips into town.)

It started in the early afternoon when I took Mariposa in for her Little Flowers group.  Then at 4pm I loaded everyone else up and drove back into town to pick her up.

First stop of the evening: Costco!

"Brave" on the TVs...I was tempted to spend
the evening here and enjoy the occupied kids....
Good thing we kept going: they had candy samples!!  Wow!
 After Costco I drove to Burgerville to pick up some dinner.  Cheeseburgers and fries for all.  We then stopped at one of our favorite parks for a picnic, complete with Kool-Aid that I brought from home.  Now that is a special treat!
 And then finally to our last item for the evening.  We had a 7pm rehearsal for the kids to sing a song at Sunday's Mass, which was First Holy Eucharist weekend.  They sang "Seek Ye First." 

Bunny took the lead on guitar and vocals.
After the rehearsal we stayed on campus and played on the playground with cousins and friends.  I know it was well past 8pm when we left for home!  It was a long evening, and being a single mom makes it even longer since I was on my own not only during the events, but also before and after.  At home I still had an hour's worth of work in front of me.  But we had a great time so it was all worth it.  :o)


  1. I remember the solos with 5. Now we'll see how you do it with 6.

    1. I'm ready! Bring it on! (but not until October....) :o) Becky