Tuesday, July 15, 2014

auxiliary garden tour

It seems silly to post this since these pictures are from mid-June, but I'm going to do it anyway because I know dad really wants to see garden pictures.

Everything is so TINY compared to what the plants look like now in mid-July, after being faithfully watered by Hannah.  The hot weather didn't hurt either.

So here's the tour, and I'll try to post current pictures soon.  You'll laugh at the difference (and at all the weeds) when you see what the garden currently looks like.

June 2014, auxiliary garden near barn
The main purpose of this garden (this year) was for our roadside stand.  We planted dahlias and other flowers, as well as unusual small pumpkins and squash.  I also had "a few" extra tomato plants that needed to get in the ground.  I think about 16 tomato plants in this garden (plus the 22? in the main garden, plus the 6 volunteers...I think I have a problem).

Dad, please note the use of weed fabric.
See, I listen to you!  (sometimes)

You know it's summer at the home of a big family
when you see all those bikes lined up.....

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