Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Day 3, Part 1--morning at gma & gpa's

Day 3 (July 4th)--just a quick post showing a tour of the sleeping situation.  It was perfect!  Mom and dad (grandma/grandpa) have an upstairs loft that fit all the kids.  Marcus and I slept in 2 twin beds downstairs :o) with Sedric in a sleeping bag on the floor.  We didn't trust him upstairs.

James' bed at the top of the stairs
Sleepyhead girls.
Gemma looks like such a little peanut in her big queen-sized
air mattress!  Such a change from her little toddler bed at home.
early riser, ready for breakfast
(vintage table and chairs from my grandparent's
home in Pennsylvania,  just sold by mom and dad)
Marcus made a family favorite, egg sammies (so easy and filling)

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