Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Day 9--local sight-seeing

Day 9 (July 8th-Thursday) we did some sightseeing and adventures in and around Alpena:

The old Presque Isle lighthouse on Lake Huron 

Ice cream in Presque Isle afterwards

For the afternoon we went to Bob and Sue's house for some
water fun and a nice dinner!  Here is Bunny on the jet ski.
All the big kids had a turn, and they loved it!!!
Seddy stayed near shore and played in the water.
The brown house behind dad is the house my
family lived in a few years ago (after I was
married-so I never lived in it).
A very nice ride on our old pontoon that mom and dad sold
to Bob and Sue when they moved down state.
Oh my goodness, the kids had a BLAST on this day!!  It was a very special treat to be out on a lake and most definitely to ride a jet ski.  They were able to run around the yard and splash and play with their cousins.  It really was a memory-maker of a day!!

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