Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Day 3, Part 2-- Fourth of July

Day 3 (July 4th)--a full day of fun!!!

After breakfast we gathered at the CCs house.  Here the girls
are entertaining Violet with plastic bags.  :o)
Meeting up with Bob and Sue K, my parents' old neighbors
when they lived up in Alpena the 1st time.
parade time
Mom got some toilet paper!  People in the
parade were also handing out otter pops and
Mountain Dew.  :o)
Marcus fit right in with his 3-wolf shirt (with American flag!),
camo shorts, and John Deere hat.  No ponytail, though.  And
his Maui Jims and Nikes were a little too stylish for Alpena.
Sedric taking a little snoozer
lunch at grandma and grandpa's
We walked down to Lake Huron to cool off
(although the temperature was PERFECT, not
hot at all, but still great for wading).
There was a big sand sculpture contest going on, and Uncle
Justin had an entry--he got 4th place out of 30!  Wow!

Back at gma & gpa's--our 4th of July gang including Aunt
Christine, Uncle Brian, Austin, and Evan from downstate.
the cousins (minus the K family, they came a few days later)
Gemma loves Uncle Joe.
We met up again with Bob and Sue near the lake,
to watch fireworks.  Sue made some great cupcakes!
The young kids plus Erica stayed with gma/gpa and watched
the fireworks from the back yard.  This picture shows everyone
else who went to the park near Lake Huron.
Bunny watching the fireworks.

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