Saturday, July 19, 2014

Day 1--Road Warriors

Day 1 of our trip to Michigan (July 2nd):
Papa drove us to the airport in Portland.  Can you believe
I packed EVERYTHING for the kids an I in carry-ons?
Waiting patiently for our little plane to Seattle.
Surprise!  Father Peter was on our plane!
He was taking his brother's cat back to
Texas.  (???)  This may sound weird but we
decided that with Father Peter, this is normal.
Getting on the plane to Seattle.
Little Miss Safety.
Landed in Seattle and picked up our luggage from the cart.
Next plane, to Detroit.
Grandpa and grandma were there to greet us!
Dinner at Big Boy near the airport.  We stayed
at a hotel in Detroit that night.
Grandma had to teach the kids about the Big Boy burger
and the famous onion rings.
After dinner we swam in the pool (no pictures, boo).


  1. Looks like the backpacks could be LL Bean? It was so good to see everyone! And at least Bunny, James, Mariposa and maybe Gemma will remember the boys.

    1. We had SOOOO much fun! Yes, we will all remember you guys! :o)

  2. Wow I am seriously really impressed with the carry ons!! Good job!!

    1. I am not humble, I was very proud of myself in the packing department. :o) Marcus was the only one with a suitcase that had to be checked...and at least for the way out to MI, it was all his stuff and none of ours! (In his defense, he needed dress clothes for Mackinac, and that means jacket/slacks/shoes, etc which are all too bulky for just a carry-on.) It helps that it was SUMMER which means smaller clothes and shoes for the rest of us.

  3. That is funny about the cat! I am surprised he didn't bolt when the carry case was unzipped. What a good cat!

    1. It was a very nice cat. :o) We never did figure out how Fr. Peter had the cat (in Hillsboro) in the first place....