Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Day 4--local activities

Day 4 (July 5th)--we did some sight-seeing around town.  First was the NOAA museum which was super-cool for the kids, but I put my camera away for the most part and just enjoyed it with them.  So no pics from inside.  Outside we got to see some boats including a glass-bottom boat for shipwreck tours, and a "tall ship" which was really neat. I don't know a lot about it...but it was the "tallest" of the "tall ships" which I believe are replicas of old boats?  Anyone know?  Here's a link that might explain more.

viewing the glass-bottom tour boat

We went to Mass on Saturday night since Marcus
and I had to leave early on Sunday for our
Mackinac Island get-away.
Gemma slept through the whole Mass (look at
those comfy pews!!) and a nice old lady put a
dollar bill in her hand.  :o)
After Mass we went to dinner at Auntie Mary/Uncle Justin's house (the CCs).  They have this BEAUTIFUL old house on a nice street, great lot, etc. and of course lots of toys!  The kids loved playing outside in the sand box with their cousins...and with my cousins as well!

Sedric is in time-out...probably for throwing sand.
The dogs are hoping that Uncle Joe is grilling
meat...not yet, the sausages had to be grilled
after the veggies....  House rule.  ;o)

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