Thursday, July 31, 2014

Day 10--last day in Alpena

Day 10 (July 9-Friday) was our last full day in Alpena.  :o(  We spent the day on easy-going adventures in between packing up our suitcases.
Aunties Mary and Erica surprised us with donuts!
In the morning we walked around downtown Alpena.  First
stop: Cabin Creek Coffee for smoothies etc.

There was a bridge lift (at noon I think?).  Some of the kids
didn't realize that a road could split in two.  :o)  And we
live in Portland, the city of bridges!!!   :oP
The afternoon was spent on Lake Huron.  It was windy and I
was cold (sitting still on the beach), but the kids had a BLAST
and I guess the water was fairly warm.

Just "a little" windy....

For dinner we all went to a local Mexican restaurant.  Mom
wasn't happy that they hadn't got their liquor license yet....
At home we did sparklers.  Sedric loved it!

Sedric would follow Greyson around.
GG didn't like it very much.  
One last game of soccer in grandma and grandpa's great back
yard.  (The older kids REALLY enjoyed playing soccer with
their K cousins while we were in Mackinac.)
A nice end to a very nice trip.  :o)  We were sad to be packing up for our departure the next day, but we really packed in so many good memories of Alpena (and Mackinac).  I'm happy to have this blog as an outlet to share the memories and to have them archived for my own kids.  They're going to love looking back at these posts for many years!

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