Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Day 5--Mackinac get-away

Day 5 (July 6th) was the first day of our Mackinac Island get-away!!!

Marcus had stayed at the Grand Hotel with my parents and me when we were first married but before kids.  Dad was part of a banker's organization, and the annual conference was at the Grand.  He didn't attend every year, but when he did go, he would try to bring some kids along to show us how special the Hotel and island are.  And they are!!!  So Marcus always kept those memories with him, and vowed to come back some day, just the two of us.  This was the perfect nursing baby, all the kids old enough to be left with grandma and grandpa, and my sister Mary now living up north.  So we were So. Excited. to make this our year!!!

Marcus on the ferry to the island--you can
see me waving in his glasses reflection  :o)
The kids were studying the nautical flag alphabet--any idea
what these flags say??  I think they were on the Coast Guard ice cutter.
leaving port--Mackinac Bridge
View from our room--we couldn't believe it!  We did pay
extra for a lakeview room, but to get a BALCONY was very
very special!!!
Part of our anniversary package included High Tea in the parlor.
The decor of the hotel is crazy, I love it!  Everything was
chosen by Carleton Varney, famous decorator.
champagne, little tea sandwiches, tea
we each got a sweets plate as well
relaxing on the World's Longest Front Porch
We took a tour of the grounds after High Tea.
I'm pointing to our room....

Next we walked up the road to look at all the "summer
cottages" (which are actually mansions!).

When we got back, our goodies from our
anniversary package were waiting for us.
Pre-dinner drinks in the Cupola Bar at the
top of the hotel.  (Weather was a little misty
but we still had a great panoramic view.)
As you can see, we got dressed up for dinner.  It is a rule at the hotel!  Men have to wear a jacket and tie, and women preferably in a dress or nice pantsuit.  So that is why Marcus couldn't fit everything in a carry-on.... :o)  Dinner is a 5-course affair, all gourmet and delicious.  There are up to 5 choices per course, and it was REALLY hard to decide what to get each night!  On this first night I ordered: sparkling Michigan raspberry juice, Vidalia onion-gruyere tart, wild mushroom and leek soup, spinach salad, and baked Mackinac whitefish with roasted marble potatoes, fava bean succotash, and kafir lime sauce.  Marcus had poached mexican white shrimp, chilled parsnip-celery veloute (soup), spinach salad, and herb crusted beef medallion/buffalo bolognese with parmesan polenta, root vegetables, and porcini sauce.  All amazing!!

Dessert was great as well!  Famous Hot Fudge
Pecan Ball, yum....


  1. Beautiful! I've been reading all the trip posts, but love this one the most. Your room! Wow! It was perfect. You look beautiful with your little round belly !

  2. Joe definitely has to take me here!