Saturday, March 28, 2015

Aruba Part I

About time!  I'm finally chronicling a little of our trip to Aruba.  (In case anyone is wondering why I am posting the story over a month late…it's because I like to have these posts to look back on.  I didn't end up creating posts for the Italy trip 2.5 years ago, or Erica's wedding 1.5 years ago, and I really wish I did so I could reminisce at the click of a button.  So I'm trying really hard to get things thrown on here, at least.)  :o)

So, Aruba….  Marcus is in sales for a mid-size American software company, and part of an incentive to do well is a "reward" trip each year.  Marcus had already been on 4 trips in the last 5 years, and I've joined him on 3 of them (he took his BIL Shane on one trip, when I had a 1-year-old that I couldn't leave at home).  We have been to Costa Rica and Hawaii--Lanai and Kona.  The past four trips were with Marcus as an individual salesperson, but this time he qualified as a manager (VP).  He runs a group of about 40-50 directors and salespeople, and this group was responsible for over half the company's sales--over $140 million!  

Anyway, here we are on this most recent trip:

In Seattle, waiting for our redeye to Miami.
We made it!  Celeste was fantastic on all 3 flights.
There was a bus waiting to take us to the resort.
Notice Celeste is in the same outfit--no blowouts, thank goodness!
Relaxing in our room after a small reception by the pool.
(no pics, I didn't take my camera)
The next morning: view from our room.  The hotel
(Ritz-Carlton Aruba) is U-shaped with most rooms facing the
beach and the pools.  We were on one of the wings.  The view
wasn't as "good" but we quickly realized we preferred this more
private arrangement.  It was very peaceful, and we didn't have
hotel guests looking at us from below.  :o)
The first morning was a casual breakfast
and a "business meeting" for Marcus.  They
have to talk a little business to count this as
a true "business trip."  The meeting lasted
about 30 minutes.  ;o)
Meanwhile, I took a walk around the property.
When Marcus was done, we walked up the road (that you can
see from our balcony).  The left-most building is our hotel.

These party boats looked like a lot of fun.

view from our room
artistic filter

Marcus sitting by the pool talking to some
work people (he is in orange).

light lunch in the lobby bar  (mid-afternoon)
The company gave everyone a hotel credit to cover meals, since we only had a few group events that we had to go to.  The rest was on our own.  This is the first trip with this company…the other companies had more group meals.  I kinda like this new set-up!  We got to go on mini-dates all week (with a tag-along, of course):

Sunset dinner at one of the hotel restaurants
We were very lucky that our "third wheel" took a nice long nap in her carseat for our WHOLE dinner!
Steak, and truffle ravioli


  1. I forgot about this trip. Yeah...excited to see the photos (and the rest to come)! Thanks for sharing :)

  2. Looks beautiful! I'd like to go someplace for our 25th wedding anniversary in a couple of years.

    1. 25 years! I think that deserves a trip! :o) Any thoughts on where you'd like to go??