Sunday, March 29, 2015

Aruba Part II

Our next day in Aruba was a Friday, and it was pretty low-key.  One of the perks of these trips is that the guests can choose an activity.  This time, our options were a national park tour, 4-wheeling across the countryside, golf, or spa massage.  Guess what one I chose???  ;o)  Actually, if I didn't have Celeste, I probably would've toured the park.  Instead, Marcus and I traded off and we each had a massage.  Mine was 9am and his was 2pm.  In between, we lounged on the beach:

Check out the guy wearing these cool
water jet-shoes!
We had lunch delivered to our umbrella.
(Notice anything wrong with this picture?)
Marcus took Celeste in the water for a bit (she was not happy).
Now she's happy!!!
Lots of little blue-green lizards like this one.
In the afternoon, I moved to the pool while Marcus had his spa appointment then hung out with coworkers.  Celeste took a nap…for, like, three hours!!!!  It was great just to lay around and read my new-to-me book from the Shopaholic series (found at the lending book basket at the towel/sunscreen counter by the pool).
getting to be evening--pool cleared out
Marcus had an evening event to attend, and he was told "no kids" so I sent him up to get ready.  When he came down, Celeste was still napping!  The plan was for me to take her back to the room when she woke up, and then just order room service for myself.

Marcus, ready for his beach party dinner thing.
When he got to the party, everyone asked where Celeste and I were!  Apparently "no kids" meant no big kids; infants were OK.  So I ran upstairs and got changed (no shower, ick) and came back down to join him:

Lots of the ladies (and some of the guys)
wanted to spend time with Celeste.  :o)
Of course, it's not all play--here is Marcus conducting some
business (toes in the sand).

I forgot to mention, each night in our room we were treated with a special surprise.  Wednesday night was a bottle of Aruban rum, Thursday night was a box of candies, and this night was cookies and milk.  How cute!


  1. Meat in the sandwiches!! ;-)

    1. Yes!! You got it! We totally forgot it was a Lenten Friday, and for lunch we ordered meat sandwiches. :o( Being in a lush tropical destination for the very first week of Lent can certainly throw you off!!!