Sunday, March 22, 2015

February Dance Recital

Our dance school is a non-profit, so we have a fundraiser every February to help pay for the "real" performance in June.  This small recital is at the dance hall and includes a silent auction.  In the past years we have made enough to cover the cost of renting the local high school's auditorium as well as hiring a professional lighting and sound crew.  There is even some left over to help with costumes!

Seddy was super-excited to see his sibs dance.
Gemma is in Creative Movement taught by Teacher Jill
and our good friend Alyssa.

Bunny, James, and Mariposa are in Ballet II.
(Bunny could be in a higher class but by having
her take this one, it saves me more commuting
for this year. Thanks, Bun!!!)
Cousin Lukie is in this class too.

Look who is wearing her pink boots for the final bow!
And her bow was something to behold….  ;o)
Only Gemma!!!

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