Friday, March 20, 2015


How do your brackets look?

I made this poster before the 2 younger kids
insisted on joining in.
Gemma chose a lot of teams that started with "G."
That, and she likes Notre Dame and MSU.  :o)
Marcus told Mariposa to just write the first 3 letters of
each team, so she has "Duk" winning it all.
James just picked all the teams with the higher ranking
(except Notre Dame).
My bracket and Bunny's and Marcus' all look like normal picks with some upsets and some favorites.

A lot of fun!  We love doing this every year!!

(Plus, I can count it as handwriting AND geography!  A little Phys Ed since we also go outside and play BBall a lot during the tourney weeks.)


  1. Way to work a little bit of everything into bracketology - maybe even some spelling?

  2. Gemma and I both have nd and MSU in the finals, with nd winning!!! Tell her we are the same :-)