Monday, March 23, 2015

Celeste's Baptism

On President's Day last month, we celebrated Mary Celeste's baptism:

Celeste with godmother Deidre
 We chose our good friends Kevin and Deidre to be the godparents.  I joke that it was because of them that Celeste is even here!  Kevin and Deidre taught the Natural Family Planning class that Marcus and I took in 2001.  We had been married 3 years but had no clue as to God's plan for us.  The NFP class opened our eyes to the truth of the BEAUTY of being open to life.  And now we have six kids!!!  :o)

On a side note, Deidre also showed me about homeschooling, and was so very patient with me in the early years when I had lots of questions.  She let me shadow her schooling for a day so I could see it for myself.  And she is STILL so patient with me as I have questions all the time!  We use the same curriculum and she has a graduate and a soon-to-be graduate already, so she knows what she's doing for sure.

The girls wanted their AG dolls blessed.
 I found a cool setting on my camera that takes a single shot but in many different artist views, so some of these pictures will be especially artsy:
New god-siblings Eamon and Colleen

Mom and dad flew out for the baptism and to
watch the 5 other kids while Marcus and I
went to Aruba (the next day, for a week).

We treated the whole gang to Spaghetti Factory after the ceremony:

Kid's table

A little card-playing after dinner

Someone was tired out after all that activity!


  1. The picture of the four Grandparents with Mary Celeste is just beautiful!