Monday, March 2, 2015

our nativity set

This is for you Patty!  I told you in a combox that I would show you our Fontanini set…

We set up our Nativity set in our foyer each year.
Grammae and papa gave us the start of the set probably 10
years ago (?), and we've added to it. 
The Christmas Fairy brought this poultry shed this year.

The kids LOVE playing with our set each year!  They will spend hours on a kitchen stool, just moving the figures around.  Each year we add 1-3 figures or animals.  I get them at because they have free shipping and a free gift with purchase (I almost always spend over $100 because I also have 4 godchildren to shop for, and each year I get them a new piece to add to their own sets.  When they are adults, they'll each have a pretty good set started!)

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  1. LOVE it! And I love where you have it. For my birthday, I received Gabriel the shepherd and the LED fire pit as well as a camel draped in a royal blanket. I can hardly wait to put mine up again.