Monday, March 2, 2015

James/Gemma/Papa birthday party

Once again grammae saved the day and offered to have yet another kid birthday party at her house!  We paired James and Gemma's party with a celebration for Papa.  The best day for the party was just before a week-long trip for Marcus, so it just would've been TOO MUCH for us to host a party and also get ready for that trip (I like to do food prep ahead of time).  Thanks for helping us out, grammae!

Even though it wasn't at our house, we provided the kid food
and party decorations.
"Garfield" is something that James and Gemma
both have in common.  :o)

One of James' favorite gifts was a woodworking
set, complete with LOCKING tool box!
The kids love Gemma's new game.
Hedgehogs!  My favorite!  I sure hope she
shares with her mama….  ;o)

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