Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Keep MSpS Weird

We have the coolest priests and religious guys ever!!!

This is what the group might do on a day off.  This group of Missionaries of the Holy Spirit includes St. Matthew's Pastor and Associate Pastor--Fr. Juan took the photos so he was there too.  I love that these guys have a fantastic sense of community amongst themselves and they have adventure in their hearts--they most certainly don't just sit at home and study all day!  They are one with the people...even if "the people" means crazy Portlanders.  ;o)

And personally, it warms my heart that my sons and daughters can see Religious as real people and not just the reverent, holy people they see for an hour on Sunday.  (Don't get me wrong--that is important too!)  By having these wonderful men in our lives, my kids know that being a priest (or nun) is a holy vocation and also a real ~option~ for their own lives.  Love it!

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