Sunday, March 16, 2014

And the Oscar goes to....

Sunday after the auction was our annual Oscars viewing party:

Marcus moved the TV into the living room for optimal
viewing pleasure. :o)
Everyone completed their ballots and got them
taped them to the wall.
Kids' table!!
Marcus showed up to the Oscars wearing the
same outfit as me!  How embarrassing!
(And he wore it better!!)
A big part of the fun is finding food that would match up
with the nominated films and actors.
Dallas Buyers Club Sandwiches
The Great Gatsby-n (bean) soup
yummy baloney from Olympic Provisions
Aidan and Lukie thought of this!
It was fun for the kids to keep track after
each winner was announced.
Father Juan was the big winner!!
He is such a movie buff!! (not really, I think he only
saw "Gravity" and picked it for some of the
artistic/obscure worked!)
No sore losers here.

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