Monday, March 3, 2014

Our Valentine's Day dinner

Valentine's Day is a fun time for our family!  We've developed a few traditions that we just MUST continue every year, and darn, they involve great food!  ;o)
This year we ordered a box of cookies from
one of our fav bakeries, Decadent Creations.
After his work day was over, Marcus started on our gluttonous dinner.
The kids were surprised with chocolates and little treats!
pop-juice for the kids, served in crystal goblets
Seddy got little smokies and mac/cheese. :o)
the adult dinner... Oh My!!!  Marcus made some PERFECT
ribeye steaks, creamed spinach, baked potatoes, and scallops
with a white wine/butter sauce.
The scallops were scrumptious!!!
Gem loves her penguin finger puppet.
molten chocolate cakes with vanilla ice cream (every year!)
We opened Valentines that arrived in the mail
including chocolates from grandma and grandpa,
and cards from Tess and her family--so much fun!
Measuring our big bellies after eating such a fattening meal....

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