Monday, March 17, 2014

special date time

For our Spring Break (end of 3rd quarter), I took each of the kids out on a special date while Mrs. N watched the rest of the kids.  First on Monday I took Mariposa to the mall to choose some new pajamas and look around the Hello Kitty store.  We had such a special time!  On Wednesday I took the two oldest kids to Ash Wednesday Mass (Mrs. N came 3 days (like normal) but I had 4 kids to take I doubled-up on the two that love to be together anyway) and then we went to the library and Burgerville for fish n' chips.  Finally on Friday I took Gemma to the South Store and then to the Berry Barn for some special treats:

We shared a mammoth hot cocoa.
Then she got a strawberry shake at the berry barn!
She loved feeding the goats and chickens.
Saying "Hi" to daddy up in his office.
These little adventures were so much fun for me and the kids!  I'm so grateful to be able to do these one-on-one trips every so often.  It was a nice break from school, and we were ready to start back up with Q4 the following Monday.  Summer break is almost here!

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  1. Love the picture of her sucking up that hot chocolate! Great memories for the kids. I haven't done this in way too long. I think my kids miss it.